Tulsa Innovation for Growth, Research, Revenue and Employment

A Bold Strategy for Transformation 

Our vision

Create an epicentre of blockchain, crypto and cybersecurity excellence by creating an ecosystem that leverages the unique research, funding and business characteristics of Tulsa, Oklahoma. 

Leading Innovation in Tulsa, Oklahoma and Beyond

Building a Collaborative and Interlinked Initiative

With our subsidiaries, TrustChains and LQE Digital, we are committed to establishing a collaborative and interlinked initiative with both public and private organizations in Tulsa, Oklahoma. This endeavor aims to drive revenue growth, generate employment opportunities, and foster increased research prospects.

The TIGRRE Blockchain Network Virtuous Circle

Building a robust service-based economy centered on facilitating effortless blockchain implementation, thereby unlocking new opportunities for research and innovation.

Lead by a Team of Experienced Visionaries

The team combines robust expertise in financial services, fintech, product development, regulatory understanding, and risk management.

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